Our Digital Makeover

CWIA was born from a need for women in aviation to just see each other once in a while. There were so few of us in the sector, it was a rare occasion to run into each other in the hallways and aisles. And since women have always been problem-solvers, CWIA conferences came to life.

These conferences that travelled around the country were a way of taking control of when and where women with a passion for aviation could connect These moments of solidarity blossomed into a community of women who met every two years for three and a half days to get re-energized and inspired.

In 2021, we were set to make our 30th birthday bash the biggest of them all! And then …

Then, we realized what our community needed had changed.

After a bunch of thinking and reimagining, we had an a-ha moment.

It had been here all along: The Internet!

We realized the community didn’t need proximity – or boarding passes – anymore. Maybe, becoming 2D was the key to getting together, without getting together.

Following the lead of women who came before us, we took control and created a whole new set of chances for women to run into each other in virtual corridors.

Our community came out in such numbers that we held our first online Symposium which was bigger than we could have ever imagined.

Just like that – in 12 short months – we had a solid foothold in the matrix as we waited for the right time to have our next conference.

That time is June 2022.