Who We Are

CWIA is a collective of women who work in Canadian aviation. Our community is founded on the philosophy that we are greater than the sum of our parts. We strongly believe that diverse and inclusive industries are more innovative, competitive and profitable. That’s why our conference is focused on providing a forum for women to network, discuss aviation best practices, and plan for individual and industry improvement.

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CWIA Core Values

Drive Connection
& Teamwork

Be Self-

Speak Up

Listen, to

Serve &
Inspire Passion

Build & Shape
a Better Future

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Here's What People Are Saying About Us

Attending the 2017 CWIA Conference has been an amazing experience for me. The women I met and the inspirational stories I heard over that week have changed me and have reshaped my career path. I walked in quite shy and reserved as I only knew a handful of people, but I walked out inspired and empowered having found numerous role models and a wonderful mentor. The presentations I attended have taught me to face my fears of crowds and public speaking and believe in myself.

Kate Latis

Coming from a family of non-aviators, I am super blessed for the relationships and the sisterhood that I have gained after attending my first conference.  It is my honour and excitement to nourish this tribe in a variety of little ways.  It is our joint small contributions that generate a support network to feed the individual and make room for more women in aviation as a whole.  My heart cup fills from all these ladies involved.

Contessa Bishop

I continue to attend the CWIA conference to reconnect with friends I’ve made over the years. There are many fun activities and tours, and the speakers are inspiring. I always leave the event feeling motivated and re-inspired to contribute to the aviation community.

Lisa Graham
1940s women aviation mechanics Canadian Women in Aviation
Contemporary woman military aviation mechanic Canadian Women in Aviation

CWIA 2019 Sponsors

CWIA 2019: Beyond Horizons would like to express a sincere thank you to our generous sponsors, patrons and friends. If your organization is interested in supporting CWIA, e-mail conference@cwia.ca to learn more.

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